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Mexico Postal Codes

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Mexico Postal Codes

Here is the most complete and accurate database of Mexico postal codes or Mexico zip codes. Information of Mexico postal/zip codes is presented on the basis of the latest versions of the postcode database shared by the authorities via the internet. We would like to note that, unlike other sites with zip codes / postal codes databases, we only have tried to shared on real operating indexes/codes, there is no outdated information, and you can be absolutely sure that the index found on our website will be exactly valid and correspond to the selected address. Mexico Postal Code / Zip Codes.


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Postcode Postcode
State / Region
Range Start Range End
01000 16910 Ciudad de México (Mexico City)
20000 20997 Aguascalientes
21000 22997 Baja California
23000 23997 Baja California Sur
24000 24936 Campeche
25000 27997 Coahuila de Zaragoza
28000 28989 Colima
29000 30997 Chiapas
31000 33997 Chihuahua
34000 35987 Durango
36000 38997 Guanajuato
39000 41997 Guerrero
42000 43998 Hidalgo
44009 49994 Jalisco
50000 57950 México
58000 61998 Michoacán de Ocampo
62000 62996 Morelos
63000 63996 Nayarit
64000 67996 Nuevo León
68000 71998 Oaxaca
72000 75997 Puebla
76000 76998 Querétaro
77000 77997 Quintana Roo
78000 79997 San Luis Potosí
80000 82996 Sinaloa
83000 85994 Sonora
86000 86998 Tabasco
87000 89970 Tamaulipas
90000 90990 Tlaxcala
91000 96998 Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave
97000 97993 Yucatán
98000 99998 Zacatecas


The need for a zip code system reflects the natural evolution of humankind, in the course of which, along with the growth of population and the expansion of cities, the delivery of mail has become more complex. Initially, the process of applying the system of postal codes was associated only with large cities, from there the city was divided into postal regions (postal zones) and the assignment of certain indexes to them. In the early 1930s, the idea of ​​expanding the postcode system to small towns and regional centers was born. The concept of creating and operating a postal code system was used in the form we are already familiar with today (the postal code system in the United States was called “ZIP” (Area Improvement Plan). The current system is presented in an improved form over the previous postal code system.

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