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Saudi Arabia Postal Codes / Zip Codes

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Saudi Arabia Postal Codes / Zip Codes

Here is the most complete and accurate database of postal codes in Saudi Arabia or zip codes in Saudi Arabia Information of postal/zip codes of Saudi Arabia is presented on the basis of the latest versions of the postcode database shared by the authorities via the internet. We would like to note that, unlike other sites with zip codes / postal codes databases, we only have tried to shared on real operating indexes/codes, there is no outdated information, and you can be absolutely sure that the index found on our website will be exactly valid and correspond to the selected address. Postal Code / Zip Codes in Saudi Arabia Press Ctrl + F and start typing your area name to find out your postal code.



Postcode Region City / Town / Area
11461 Riyadh Riyadh
11911 Riyadh Dawadmi
11912 Riyadh Aflaj
11913 Riyadh Saleel
11914 Riyadh Ghat
11921 Riyadh Afeef
11922 Riyadh Diriyah
11923 Riyadh Dharmaa
11932 Riyadh Zulfi
11933 Riyadh Marat
11941 Riyadh Hotat Bani Tameem / Hareeq
11942 Riyadh Kharj
11952 Riyadh Majmaah
11953 Riyadh Thadeq
11961 Riyadh Shaqraa
11962 Riyadh Huraymalaa
11964 Riyadh Ushaiqer
11971 Riyadh Quwayiyah
11972 Riyadh Muzahmeyyah
11981 Riyadh Remaah
11991 Riyadh Wadi Al-Dawaser
21442 Makkah Jeddah
21911 Makkah Rabegh
21912 Makkah Qunfudhah
21915 Makkah Muwaih
21921 Makkah Khulais
21931 Makkah Kamel
21944 Makkah Taef
21955 Makkah Makkah
21961 Makkah Leith
21971 Makkah Adham
21975 Makkah Ranyah
21985 Makkah Khurmah
22888 Al-Baha Baljurashi
29613 Najran Hubuna
31146 Eastern Dammam
31911 Eastern Qateef
31912 Eastern Qaryat Al-Ulya
31932 Eastern Dhahran
31941 Eastern Ras Tanurah
31951 Eastern Jubail
31952 Eastern Khubar
31971 Eastern Khafji
31982 Eastern Ahssaa / Nuairiyah
31991 Eastern Hafr Al-Baten
31992 Eastern Beqaiq
41311 Al-Medina Al-Medina
41912 Al-Medina Yanbu
41931 Al-Medina Badr
41941 Al-Medina Al-Ula
41951 Al-Medina Mahad Al Dahab
41961 Al-Medina Al-Hanakiya
42421 Al-Jouf Sakaka
45142 Jazan Jazan
45911 Jazan Abu Arish
45922 Jazan Samtah
45931 Jazan Sabya
45933 Jazan Aredhah
45952 Jazan Ahad Al-Masarhah
45962 Jazan Dayer
45971 Jazan Baish
45972 Jazan Faifaa
45992 Jazan Aidabi
51411 Qassim Buraidah
51730 Najran Sharurah
51911 Qassim Unaizah
51912 Qassim Al-Shamasia
51921 Qassim Al-Rass
51922 Qassim Oyoon Al-Jawa
51931 Qassim Al-Maznab
51941 Qassim Al-Bukairiyah
51951 Qassim Al-Badaya
51961 Qassim Riyadh Al-Khabra
55461 Najran Najran
61008 Al-Baha Bahah
61361 Aseer Bishah
61411 Aseer Abha
61913 Aseer Muhayel
61914 Aseer Sarat Ubaidah
61935 Aseer Tathleeth
61937 Aseer Majardah
61953 Aseer Dhahran Al-Janoub
61956 Aseer Rejal Almaa
61959 Aseer Berk
61961 Aseer Khamees Mushait
61967 Aseer Bareq
61974 Aseer Ahad Rufaidah
61977 Aseer Nammas
61985 Aseer Balqarn
61988 Aseer Tanomah
65921 Al-Baha Mandeq
65931 Al-Baha Mukhwaah
71411 Tabouk Tabouk
71911 Tabouk Dhubaa
71921 Tabouk Al-Wajh
71931 Tabouk Umluj
71941 Tabouk Taimaa
71951 Tabouk Haql
71961 Tabouk Al-Bedaa
75911 Al-Jouf Qurayyat
81411 Hail Hail
81911 Hail Baqa’a
81912 Hail Trubah
81921 Hail Al-Shannan
81922 Hail Jubbah
81931 Hail Al-Ghazala
81941 Hail Al-Hait
81951 Hail Moqaq
81961 Hail AL-Rawdah
81971 Hail Al-Khota
81981 Hail Al-Shamly
81991 Hail Al-Somaira
91411 Northern Borders Turaif
91431 Northern Borders Arar
91911 Northern Borders Rafhaa


The important role of the zip code If you write the wrong postal code, the item is sorted to another area or city and will not reach the addressee. Since the postal and other courier services are loaded with millions of orders per day for the delivery of items, it is very important to indicate the exact postal code.

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