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Oman Postal Codes

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Oman Postal Codes

Here is the most complete and accurate database of Oman postal codes or Oman zip codes. Information of Oman postal/zip codes is presented on the basis of the latest versions of the postcode database shared by the authorities via the internet. We would like to note that, unlike other sites with zip codes / postal codes databases, we only have tried to shared on real operating indexes/codes, there is no outdated information, and you can be absolutely sure that the index found on our website will be exactly valid and correspond to the selected address. Oman Postal Code / Zip Codes.


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Postal Code Area Name Post office name Region
618 Adam Post Office Adam Ad Dakhiliyah
516 Al Akhdar Post Office Al Akhdar Ad Dhahirah
119 Al Amarat Post Office Al Amarat Muscat
515 Al Araqi Post Office Al Araqi Ad Dhahirah
422 Al Ashkharah Post Office Al Ashkharah Ash Sharqiyah
317 Al Awabi Post Office Al Awabi Al Batinah
217 Al Awqadain Post Office Al Awqadain Dhofar
316 Al Bidaya Post Office Al Bidaya Al Batinah
512 Al Buraimi Post Office Al Buraimi Al Buraymi
214 Al Dahareez Post Office Al Dahareez Dhofar
216 Al Hafa Post Office Al Hafa Dhofar
617 Al Hamra Post Office Al Hamra Ad Dakhiliyah
131 Al Hamriyah Post Office Al Hamriyah Muscat
118 Al Harthy Complex Post Office Al Harthy Complex Muscat
712 Al Jazr Post Office Al Jazr Al Wusta
412 Al Kamil & Al Wafi Post Office Al Kamil & Al Wafi Ash Sharqiyah
326 Al Khaboura Post Office Al Khaboura Al Batinah
132 Al Khud Post Office Al Khud Muscat
133 Al Khuwair Post Office Al Khuwair Muscat
122 Al Ma’abela Post Office Al Ma’abela Muscat
314 Al Malda Post Office Al Malda Al Batinah
420 Al Mudhaibi Post Office Al Mudhaibi Ash Sharqiyah
419 Al Mudhairib Post Office Al Mudhairib Ash Sharqiyah
129 Al Murtafa’a Post Office Al Murtafa’a Muscat
312 Al Musana’a Post Office Al Musana’a Al Batinah
328 Al Rumays Post Office Al Rumays Al Batinah
124 Al Rusayl Post Office Al Rusayl Muscat
318 Al Rustaq Post Office Al Rustaq Al Batinah
121 Al Seeb Post Office Al Seeb Muscat
517 Al Sinainah Post Office Al Sinainah Ad Dhahirah
315 Al Suwaiq Post Office Al Suwaiq Al Batinah
321 Al Tarif Post Office Al Tarif Al Batinah
130 Al Udhaybah Post Al Udhaybah Muscat
117 Al Wadi Al Kabir Post Office Al Wadi Al Kabir Muscat
612 Bahla Post Office Bahla Ad Dakhiliyah
812 Bakha Post Office Bakha Musandam
320 Barka Post Office Barka Al Batinah
613 Bidbid Post Office Bidbid Ad Dakhiliyah
421 Bidiyah Post Office Bidiyah Ash Sharqiyah
616 Birkat Al Moze Post Office Birkat Al Moze Ad Dakhiliyah
329 Burj Al Radah Post Office Burj Al Radah Al Batinah
111 Central Post Office Post Office Central Muscat
211 Central Salalah Post Office Central Salalah Dhofar
813 Daba Post Office Daba Musandam
225 Dalkout Post Office Dalkout Dhofar
424 Dama Wattaeen Post Office Dama Wattaeen Ash Sharqiyah
514 Dhank Post Office Dhank Ad Dhahirah
322 Falaj Al Qabail Post Office Falaj Al Qabail Al Batinah
711 Haima Post Office Haima Al Wusta
413 Ibra Post Office Ibra Ash Sharqiyah
511 Ibri Post Office Ibri Ad Dhahirah
614 Izki Post Office Izki Ad Dakhiliyah
416 Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali Post Office Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali Ash Sharqiyah
415 Ja’alan Bani Bu Hassan Post Office Ja’alan Bani Bu Hassan Ash Sharqiyah
134 Jawharat Al Shati Post Office Jawharat Al Shati Muscat
114 Jibroo Post Office Jibroo Muscat
811 Khasab Post Office Khasab Musandam
127 Khaula Hospital Post Office Khaula Hospital Muscat
325 Liwa Post Office Liwa Al Batinah
615 Lizgh Post Office Lizgh Ad Dakhiliyah
814 Madha Post Office Madha Musandam
219 Madinat Al Haq Post Office Madinat Al Haq Dhofar
115 Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos Post Office Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos Muscat
518 Mahda Post Office Mahda Ad Dhahirah
619 Manah Post Office Manah Ad Dakhiliyah
226 Maqshan Post Office Maqshan Dhofar
220 Marbat Post Office Marbat Dhofar
414 Masirah Post Office Masirah Ash Sharqiyah
116 Mina Al Fahal Post Office Mina Al Fahal Muscat
113 Muscat Post Office Muscat Muscat
125 Muttrah Post Office Muttrah Muscat
323 Nakhal Post Office Nakhal Al Batinah
611 Nizwa Post Office Nizwa Ad Dakhiliyah
126 Oman Commercial Center Post Office Oman Commercial Center Muscat
212 Quirun Hairiti Post Office Quirun Hairiti Dhofar
120 Qurayat Post Office Qurayat Muscat
224 Rakhyout Post Office Rakhyout Dhofar
112 Ruwi Post Office Ruwi Muscat
215 Saadah Post Office Saadah Dhofar
223 Sadah Post Office Sadah Dhofar
319 Saham Post Office Saham Al Batinah
621 Saiq Post Office Saiq Ad Dakhiliyah
423 Samad Al Shan Post Office Samad Al Shan Ash Sharqiyah
620 Samail Post Office Samail Ad Dakhiliyah
128 Seeb Airport Post Office Seeb Airport Muscat
324 Shinas Post Office Shinas Al Batinah
418 Sinaw Post Office Sinaw Ash Sharqiyah
327 Sohar Industrial Post Office Sohar Industrial Al Batinah
311 Sohar Post Office Sohar Al Batinah
123 Sultan Qaboos University Post Office Sultan Qaboos University Muscat
425 Sur Commercial District Post Office Sur Commercial District Ash Sharqiyah
411 Sur Post Office Sur Ash Sharqiyah
218 Taqa Post Office Taqa Dhofar
213 Teetam Post Office Teetam Dhofar
222 Thamrait Post Office Thamrait Dhofar
221 Tiwi Atair Post Office Tiwi Atair Dhofar
417 Wadi Bani Khalid Post Office Wadi Bani Khalid Ash Sharqiyah
313 Widam Al Sahil Post Office Widam Al Sahil Al Batinah
513 Yanqul Post Office Yanqul Ad Dhahirah


Modern postal codes were first introduced in the former Ukrainian SSR in December 1932, but this system did not take root and was abandoned in 1939. The next countries to introduce postal codes were Germany (1941), followed by Argentina (1958), USA (1963) and Switzerland (1964). British postal codes were introduced in 1959 in the city of Norwich, although a nationwide postal code system was not introduced until 1974. By February 2005, one hundred and seventeen countries of the Universal Postal Union (a total of 192 member countries) had introduced a system of postal codes. Ireland and Ghana refused to recognize the postcode system as a national system.

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