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Ukraine Postal Codes / Ukraine Zip Codes

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Ukraine Postal Codes

Here is the most complete and accurate database of Ukraine postal codes or Ukraine zip codes. Information of Ukraine postal/zip codes is presented on the basis of the latest versions of the postcode database shared by the authorities via the internet. We would like to note that, unlike other sites with zip codes / postal codes databases, we only have tried to shared on real operating indexes/codes, there is no outdated information, and you can be absolutely sure that the index found on our website will be exactly valid and correspond to the selected address. Ukraine Postal Code / Zip Codes.


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Subdivision Postal Code (first two digits)
Autonomous Republic of Crimea 95-98
Cherkasy Oblast 18-20
Chernihiv Oblast 14-17
Chernivtsi Oblast 58-60
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 49-53
Donetsk Oblast 83-88
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 76-78
Kharkiv Oblast 61-64
Kherson Oblast 73-75
Khmelnytskyi Oblast 29-32
Kiev 6-Jan
Kiev Oblast 9-Jul
Kirovohrad Oblast 25-28
Luhansk Oblast 91-94
Lviv Oblast 79-82
Mykolaiv Oblast 54-57
Odessa Oblast 65-69
Poltava Oblast 36-39
Rivne Oblast 33-35
Sevastopol 99
Sumy Oblast 40-42
Ternopil Oblast 46-49
Vinnytsia Oblast 21-24
Volyn Oblast 43-45
Zakarpattya Oblast 89-90
Zaporizhzhia Oblast 69-72
Zhytomyr Oblast 10-13


During the Soviet era, as far as is known, all sent letters without an index reached the addressee without errors. The delivery time was only slightly different, such letters arrived much slower, and this is quite understandable. The history of the emergence of postal codes is very interesting.

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