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Panama Postal Codes

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Panama Postal Codes

Here is the most complete and accurate database of Panama postal codes or Panama zip codes. Information of Panama postal/zip codes is presented on the basis of the latest versions of the postcode database shared by the authorities via the internet. We would like to note that, unlike other sites with zip codes / postal codes databases, we only have tried to shared on real operating indexes/codes, there is no outdated information, and you can be absolutely sure that the index found on our website will be exactly valid and correspond to the selected address. Panama Postal Code / Zip Codes.


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Province District Postcode
Bocas del Toro Bocas del Toro 101
Changuinola Chamguinola 103
Almirante Almirante 104
Guabito Changuinola 106
Chiriquí Grande Chiriquí Grande 108
Postcodes of Coclé
Province District Postcode
Aguadulce Aguadulce 201
El Cristo Aguadulce 203
El Roble Aguadulce 205
El Jaguito Aguadulce 206
Pocrí Aguadulce 209
Antón Antón 211
Río Hato Antón 213
La Pintada La Pintada 216
Natá Natá 221
El caño Natá 223
Olá Olá 225
Penonomé Penonomé 229
Rio Grande Penonomé 231
Postcodes of Colón
Province District Postcode
Colón Colón 301
Zona Libre Colón 302
Gatún Colón 308
Sabanitas Colón 312
Postcodes of Chiriquí
Province District Postcode
Alanje Alanje 401
Divala Alanje 403
Puerto Armuelles Barú 406
Paso Canoas Chiriquí 409
Boquerón Boquerón 411
Boquete Boquete 413
La Concepción Bugaba 415
Cerro Punta Tierras Altas 420
Volcán Tierras Altas 424
David David 426
U de Chiriquí David 427
Dolega Dolega 432
Potrerillos Dolega 434
Gualaca Gualaca 436
Remedios Remedios 438
El Nancito Remedios 440
Río Sereno Renacimiento 443
San Felix San Felix 444
Las Lajas San Felix 446
Horconcito San Lorenzo 448
San Lorenzo San Lorenzo 452
Tolé Tolé 454
Postcodes of Darién
Province District Postcode
La Palma Chepigana 501
Santa Fé Chepigana 504
Garachine Chepigana 513
Jaqué Chepigana 515
Sambú Chepigana 521
Taimatí Chepigana 526
El Real Pinogana 531
Yaviza Pinogana 541
Metetí Pinogana 542
Postcodes of Herrera
Province District Postcode
Chitré Chitré 601
La Arena Chitré 603
Monagrillo Chitré 605
Las Minas Las Minas 607
Los Pozos Los Pozos 609
Ocú Ocú 611
Parita Parita 613
Pesé Pesé 615
Santa María Santa María 617
Divisa Divisa 619
Postcodes of Los Santos
Province District Postcode
Guararé Guararé 701
Las Tablas Las Tablas 710
La Palma Las Tablas 722
Santo Domingo Las Tablas 731
Los Santos Los Santos 739
Sabana Grande Los Santos 740
Macaracas Macaracas 744
Pedasí Pedasí 749
Purio Pedasí 754
Pocrí Pocrí 758
Tonosí Tonosí 766
Postcodes of Panamá City (Capital)
Province District Postcode
Gamboa Panamá City 801
Chepo Chepo 807
U.s.m.a Panamá City 820
El Dorado Panamá City 819
U de Panamá Panamá City 824
Paitilla Panamá City 831
Word Center Panamá City 832
Plaza Panamá Panamá City 833
Balboa Balboa 843
Paraiso Panamá City 844
Chilibre Panamá City 847
Pacora Panmá City 855
Villa Lucre Panamá City 869
Postcodes of Veraguas
Province District Postcode
Atalaya Atalaya 901
Calobre Calobré 903
Cañazas Cañazas 905
La Mesa La Mesa 907
Las Palmas Las Palmas 909
Montijo Montijo 913
Río de Jesús Río de Jesús 917
San Francisco San Francisco 919
Santa Fe Santa Fe 921
Santiago Santiago 923
La Normal Santiago 924
Soná Soná 930
Postcodes of Panamá Oeste
Province District Postcode
El Valle Antón 1001
Arraiján Arraiján 1003
Vista Alegre Arraijan 1005
Vacamente Arraiján 1006
Capira Capira 1007
Chame Chame 1011
Bejuco Chame 1013
La Chorrera La Chorrera 1015
San Carlos San Carlos 1017


The addressee’s address is written in the lower right part of the mail item, and the sender’s address is in the upper left part. The address is written clearly and without corrections, it should not contain characters that are not related to the address, and abbreviated names. All address data is written legibly or printed by typographic method (or using a printing technique). The size of the font is at least 11 pt (4 mm), for the application of the index – 13-14 pt (5 mm). We recommend that you write the address data in block letters.

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