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12 Best Headlamps under $50 2023



12 Best Headlamps under $50 2023

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12 Best Headlamps

Sometimes, you find yourself in situations where you need both hands and proper lighting. That’s when a headlamp comes in handy – it provides light exactly where you look for Best Headlamps under $50. Modern headlamps with LEDs and batteries are bright, lightweight, and long-lasting on a single charge.


However, not all headlamps are the same. Some may have issues like LEDs breaking, or the headband losing its elasticity. So, let’s figure out which headlamps are worth buying for regular use and which are better suited as one-time purchases.

We’ll present a list of the Best Headlamps under $50 based on reviews from experts and regular users.

GearLight 2-Pack LED Headlamp  -13% off  -$19.99

These LED camping lights are incredibly bright, providing a strong and long-lasting beam with natural daylight-like color. They can keep running for over 10 hours on the low setting, making them great for work tasks.

You can adjust the headband to make it comfortable for both adults and kids. These headlamps are very light, weighing only 3 ounces with batteries, which is perfect for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

The head of the headlamp can be adjusted up to 45 degrees to point the light where you need it. There are 7 different lighting modes to choose from, including a white strobe and a red beam for safety.

These headlamps are resistant to water and can handle shocks, so you can use them in rainy or snowy conditions, both indoors and outdoors. They also make great gifts, especially for Father’s Day. You’ll get two S500 GearLight headlamps in each order (AAA batteries not included), making it convenient to keep one in your car and another at home.view on amazon

COSOOS Original 2 Rechargeable Lightweight Headlamps -$24.99

The COSOOS headlamp is a great gift for men, husbands, and dads, and it’s an essential tool for hiking and camping. It features an upgraded spotlight and a wide beam for lighting up your surroundings without needing to move your head. You can also use the spotlight to focus on specific spots and see things farther away. It’s a handy backup for various situations, like working on your car, in the garden, during power outages due to bad weather, or when camping.

This headlamp is small and can easily fit in your pocket or bag, making it a convenient indoor or outdoor light source. It’s a useful tool for activities in low-light conditions and is a valuable addition to your camping and emergency kits.

It’s super lightweight, flexible, and comfortable to wear. The soft headlamp with a removable and washable headband weighs only 2.4 ounces, thanks to its built-in 1200mAh lithium battery. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing it, and it fits both adults and kids with head circumferences of 20-28 inches.

The headlamp offers high lumen output and multiple light modes, allowing you to choose between floodlight and spotlight with high or low settings. You can also activate an SOS strobe light for emergencies. Keep in mind that you can’t use both the flood and spotlights simultaneously.

The headlamp features motion detection technology, saving you lots of extra battery. It comes with a built-in 1200mAh lithium battery and can be charged using the included USB-C charging cable. You can set it to motion detection mode, and with a wave of your hand in front of the sensor, you can turn the light on or off without touching it.

view on amazon

Curtsod 2-Pack Rechargeable Headlamp – 42% off – $14.99

This headlamp is exceptionally bright, using a top-notch LED chip to produce a powerful and long-lasting beam of 1200 lumens with natural daylight color and clarity. You get two high-performance headlamps in one package, offering great value, durability, and portability. These headlamps are perfect for activities like running, hiking, and camping.

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The Curtsod headlamp has some smart features. It remembers the last mode used when turned on, so you don’t have to cycle through all the settings. You can also turn it off directly in any mode by pressing and holding the on/off button for 3 seconds. Additionally, it has a motion sensor that lets you control the light with a wave of your hand, making it more convenient for your daily life and work.

It’s a rechargeable headlamp using a Type-C connection, which speeds up the charging process. The built-in 1500mAh high-capacity battery provides 12 different lighting modes to suit various needs. These modes include main and sub lights at different brightness levels, red light, and an SOS strobe.

The headlamp is adjustable by up to 60 degrees and remains securely in place to prevent shaking during use. It comes with a comfortable elastic headband that can be easily adjusted to fit both adults and children.

This headlamp makes for a great gift, and it comes in a beautifully designed box. It’s an ideal present for your family members like Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, Wife, and it’s suitable for occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.view on amazon

Coast XPH30R Rechargeable 1200 Lumen Headlamp –  34% off – $46.32

This headlamp uses a special focusing technology called PURE BEAM FOCUSING OPTIC that combines two powerful beams into one. You can easily switch between short-range and long-range lighting with a TWIST FOCUS system, and it doesn’t create annoying halos or hot spots. It’s designed to adapt to your specific needs. The XP headlamp offers various light modes, including a turbo mode that delivers an intense 1200 lumens of light for critical situations.

It’s a rechargeable headlamp that comes with a ZITHION-X rechargeable battery, and it’s also compatible with CR123 batteries. This means you can save on costs by using the rechargeable battery while having the flexibility to switch to alkaline batteries when needed.

The headlamp is magnetic and can be detached from the head strap and mounting bracket. It can transform into a versatile handheld flashlight with a magnetic base, making it easy to attach to metal surfaces.

Here are the specifications: It produces 1200 lumens on turbo mode, 500 lumens on high, 160 lumens on medium, and 46 lumens on low. The beam distance varies from 185 meters on turbo to 31 meters on low. The runtime ranges from 6.75 hours on high to 28 hours on low. This headlamp is tested and meets ANSI/FL1 standards.

It’s a durable and reliable headlamp, backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship by COAST. It has an IP54 rating for water resistance and is designed to withstand drops from a height of 1 meter.

view on amazon

LHKNL Rechargeable Waterproof Headlamp – 20% off – $ 15.99

The LHKNL headlamp comes with some convenient features. It has a long-press function, so if you hold down the mode button for 3 seconds in any mode, you can turn off the light directly without cycling through all the modes. It also has a motion sensor mode, allowing you to easily turn the lights on or off by waving your hand, which is more convenient and keeps the headlamp clean when your hands are dirty.

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This headlamp is super bright and rechargeable. It uses high-quality LED chips that can produce a maximum brightness of 1200 lumens, illuminating an entire tent or road with ease. It comes with a powerful 1500mAh built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to charge it and use the lights simultaneously. There’s no need to wait for a full charge or replace the battery, and a battery indicator helps you keep track of the battery’s status. When fully charged, it can last for 4-10 hours.

The headlamp is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 1.87 ounces, making it comfortable to wear. You can adjust the lamp head by 60 degrees to keep it securely in place and prevent shaking or sliding while running. It comes with a comfortable elastic headband that can be easily adjusted to fit different head sizes, suitable for both adults and kids.

It’s also waterproof with an IPX4 rating, ensuring it can handle rain or snow, both indoors and outdoors. The headlamp offers 8 lighting modes to meet various needs, including different levels of brightness and a red beam. In motion sensor mode, you can switch between the main strong beam and side strong beam.

This headlamp is a great gift choice, as each package includes 2 headlamps. It makes for a perfect gift for your father, mother, husband, son, or boyfriend on occasions like Christmas, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

view on amazon

Victoper Headlamp, Rechargeable and Waterproof -$19.99

This headlamp offers exceptional brightness with its unique design featuring 10 lights, which can produce a remarkable 22000 lumens of light. It uses advanced T6, XPE, and SMD LED bulbs, enabling it to reach distances of up to 1000 feet, providing outstanding illumination for your outdoor adventures.

It comes with a variety of lighting modes, thanks to its 10 LED lights. There are 8 front light modes, including Main Light, Auxiliary Light, Both-On, Both-Strobe, Side Light, Side Weak Light, Side Red Light, and Side Strobe Red Light. Additionally, there are 2 taillight modes, including Red Light and Strobe Red Light, giving you the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios.

This headlamp has a long-lasting battery life of 3-6 hours, ensuring you can easily handle any outdoor adventure.

You can conveniently adjust the angle of the light to your liking thanks to the high-quality hinge. Additionally, the headlamp features 4 small LED blue lights that display the remaining power, so you always know when it’s time to recharge or replace the battery.

It makes for a perfect gift for runners, hunters, campers, and hikers, whether it’s for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day. This red light headlamp ensures safe and enjoyable night activities.

view on amazon

DanForce 1080 Lumen Headlamp – 25% off -$ 29.97

The DanForce headlamp is a top-quality LED headlamp designed in the US. It’s built to resist water, dust, and damage with an IPX45 rating. This bright headlamp produces 1080 lumens and offers four light modes: high, low, medium, and strobe. It also features a red light for specific tasks and a 90-degree adjustable head for versatile use, making it suitable for tactical purposes.

This headlamp serves multiple functions, making it perfect for various activities such as camping and work. It includes a zoomable focus for precise lighting and can be used as a hard hat light. The red lights are ideal for activities like fishing and hunting.

DanForce headlamps are built to withstand all weather conditions, from extreme heat to freezing cold. They are equipped with air-tight rubber sealing to protect the rechargeable battery from dust, ice, and water, ensuring dependability.

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When you choose DanForce, you’ll receive the best headlight flashlight, an improved 5000 mAh rechargeable battery, a USB cable, a carry bag, a carabiner, and a user guide, giving you the confidence to become part of the DanForce family.

Designed for maximum comfort, this headlamp features a sweat-resistant headband with adjustable sizing for a custom fit.view on amazon

Energizer LED Waterproof Headlamp -6% off -$ 15.99

The headlamp emits a powerful 260-lumen LED light that can brightly illuminate an area up to 80 meters away when in high mode. Whether you need to light up a room or a campsite, this headlamp can do it with ease.

Designed for toughness, this headlamp can withstand a 1-meter drop test, features a shatterproof lens, and is encased in a water-resistant body with an IPX4 rating. It’s the ideal rugged companion for both indoor and outdoor activities.

You have the flexibility to choose from seven different lighting modes, including red, high, low, spot high, spot low, wide high, and wide low. With the convenience of Smart Dimming technology, you can easily control the intensity of the light, ensuring you have the perfect illumination for various situations.

When set to low mode, this headlamp offers long-lasting and effective LED light for up to 35 hours. It serves as a reliable backup light source in case of power outages, ensuring you have a dependable supply of illumination.

This LED headlamp is powered by three Energizer Max AAA batteries, which are included in the package. With the batteries right out of the box, you’re ready for outdoor activities like hiking, running, camping, hunting, and more.view on amazon

Spriak 1000 Lumen LED Headlamp -$28.99

The Spriak LED headlamp flashlight is incredibly bright with 1000 lumens. It features a unique design with a Cob headlight and a Red Taillight, making it much brighter than traditional headlamps. This headlamp can illuminate a large area in front of you, ensuring that both people and animals can see your presence and helping you avoid potential obstacles. It’s suitable for various situations such as running, hiking, camping, and mechanical maintenance.

The headlamp has a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, which can be quickly charged in just 3 hours. A battery display indicator allows you to easily check how much battery life is left, helping you make the most of your headlamp. You can conveniently recharge the headlamp using various USB power sources like a power bank, car charger, or laptop. This not only saves you money compared to traditional AAA battery headlamps but is also eco-friendly.

The Spriak LED headlamp is waterproof, making it suitable for use in rainy conditions. The elastic band is adjustable, breathable, and non-slip, so it stays securely in place even when wet. It’s perfect for use with a hard hat and is comfortable to wear, even in challenging conditions. Additionally, it comes with hardhat clips for added convenience.

This rechargeable headlamp weighs only 3.7 ounces, including the battery. It’s a lightweight camping tool that offers all-day comfort. Unlike traditional headlamps that can feel bulky and heavy on your forehead, this headlamp feels more like wearing a baseball cap, providing a comfortable and secure fit.


If you’ve ever gone running at night, you understand the importance of having a reliable running headlamp. The top headlamp for running should be lightweight and designed to minimize bouncing.

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How to Clear the RAM on iPhone in seconds





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How to Clear the RAM on iPhone in seconds

A Quick Guide on How to Clear RAM on iPhone in Seconds :


For iPhone users, ensuring optimal performance is paramount to a seamless user experience. One effective way to achieve this is by freeing up space in the Random Access Memory (RAM), where the device temporarily stores data needed for running applications.

When the RAM is cluttered, your iPhone may experience sluggishness, longer loading times, and even unexpected app closures. In this guide, we’ll explore the simple yet powerful method of clearing RAM on your iPhone to enhance its performance in just a few seconds.

Understanding the Importance of Clearing RAM:

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a crucial component that allows your iPhone to quickly access and process data required by active applications. As you use various apps throughout the day, RAM gradually fills up. When it reaches capacity, your device may start to slow down as it struggles to access the necessary data.

Clearing RAM is akin to providing a breath of fresh air to your iPhone, ensuring it can efficiently handle new tasks, resulting in improved speed and responsiveness.

Quick Reset for Different iPhone Models:

The easiest and most effective way to clear RAM on an iPhone involves performing a quick reset. The method varies slightly depending on the type of iPhone model you own. Follow these steps:

For iPhone Models with Face ID (iPhone X and newer):

  • Press and hold the volume down button and the side button simultaneously.
  • When the power off slider appears, drag it to the right to turn off your iPhone.
  • Wait approximately 30 seconds and then turn the device back on.
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For iPhone Models with Touch ID:

  • Press and hold the side button until the slider appears.
  • If you own the first-generation iPhone SE, press the top button instead.
  • Slide to power off and wait for around 30 seconds before turning the device back on.
  • By performing this quick reset, you allow your iPhone to clear out unnecessary data from the RAM, giving it a performance boost.

Additional Tips to Free Up RAM:

While the quick reset is a powerful method, there are other proactive steps you can take to optimize your iPhone’s performance and free up RAM:

Close Unused Applications:

Manually close apps that you’re not actively using, as open apps consume RAM resources.

Manage Notifications:

Turn off notifications for apps that aren’t essential. Unnecessary notifications can contribute to RAM usage.

Stay Updated:

Ensure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. Updates often include performance enhancements.

Monitor Storage Space:

Keep an eye on your device’s storage capacity. If it’s near capacity, consider deleting unnecessary files or apps.

Battery and Storage Check:

If your iPhone continues to exhibit slow performance, it may be time to check the battery health or free up additional storage space. Contact Apple support for further assistance.


In just a matter of seconds, you can breathe new life into your iPhone by clearing its RAM. The quick reset method, coupled with proactive measures like closing unused apps and managing notifications, ensures that your device runs smoothly and efficiently.

By understanding the importance of RAM and regularly optimizing its usage, you can enjoy a responsive and high-performing iPhone. Incorporate these simple steps into your routine, and experience the difference in speed and responsiveness on your beloved device.

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How to Share Wifi Password iPhone




wifi internet shopping broadband

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How to Share Wifi Password iPhone

How to Share Wifi Password iPhone? Sharing WiFi Password on iPhone


The convenience of automatically connecting to WiFi at home adds a touch of comfort to our daily lives. Sharing this access with friends and guests is a hospitable gesture, making you the ultimate host.

However, it becomes a challenge when you want to connect someone to your WiFi, and either you don’t know the password or it’s too complex to remember. Fear not – sharing WiFi on iPhone to iPhone is a breeze, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Requirements for WiFi Sharing:

Before delving into the steps, let’s go through the essential requirements to seamlessly share WiFi between iPhones:

Both iPhones Need iOS 16 or iOS 17:

Ensure that both your iPhone and your friend’s iPhone are running the latest version of iOS, either iOS 16 or iOS 17. Staying up-to-date is key to accessing the latest features.

Unlocked and Connected iPhone:

Your iPhone must be unlocked and connected to the WiFi network you intend to share. This ensures a smooth sharing process.

Friend’s Contact Information:

Your friend should be listed as a contact in your address book, and their contact information must include the email associated with their Apple ID. This is crucial for the sharing mechanism to work seamlessly.

WiFi Sharing Steps:

Assuming all the prerequisites are met, follow these straightforward steps to share your WiFi password:

Unlock Your iPhone:

Make sure your iPhone is unlocked and connected to the WiFi network you wish to share.

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Ask Your Friend to Connect:

Request your friend to go to Settings on their iPhone, navigate to the WiFi section, and select the desired network. At this point, their iPhone should prompt them for the WiFi password.

Share Password:

On your iPhone, a prompt will appear to share the WiFi password with your friend. Click on the ‘Share Password’ button. This initiates the sharing process via AirDrop, and your friend’s iPhone will automatically receive the password.

Connection Confirmation:

Once the password is shared, your friend’s iPhone will display a message confirming the connection. Your friend is now successfully connected to the same WiFi network without needing to know the password.

By following these steps, you’ve not only made the connection process seamless but also maintained the confidentiality of your WiFi password.

Alternative Method: Using a QR Code

In case your friend doesn’t use an iPhone or has an older iOS version, an alternative method involves creating a QR code to share your WiFi password. Here’s how:

Prepare a QR Code:

Visit the QiFi website from your iPhone, enter your WiFi network name and password, and click on the ‘Generate’ button. This generates a QR code representing your WiFi credentials.

Display QR Code to Friend:

When your friend needs to connect, show them the QR code on your iPhone. Regardless of their phone type, they can use their camera to scan the QR code. This automatically recognizes the WiFi credentials and connects them without manual password input.


Sharing your WiFi password on iPhone has never been simpler. By keeping both iPhones updated, ensuring the proper settings, and following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly extend your hospitality to friends and guests.

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Whether using the direct sharing method or the QR code alternative, the process is user-friendly and secures your WiFi network. Embrace the ease of sharing and enjoy a connected and hospitable environment for everyone.

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How to Improve iPhone Battery Life with iOS 17




How to Put SD Card in iPhone?

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How to Improve iPhone Battery Life with iOS 17

How to Improve iPhone Battery Life :


One of the common grievances among iPhone users revolves around the device’s battery life. Many users find that their iPhones don’t hold a charge as well as other high-end smartphones. While the capacity of the phone’s components may contribute to this issue, there are adjustments and tricks within the iPhone settings that can help extend battery life.

In this detailed guide, we will explore various strategies for improving iPhone battery life, specifically focusing on iOS 17.

Optimizing Screen Features:

One of the prominent features impacting battery life is the always-on screen, particularly on newer devices. To address this, users can disable the always-on screen feature by navigating to Settings, selecting ‘Display and Brightness,’ and deactivating it.

This adjustment can significantly reduce battery drainage, especially for those who don’t find this feature essential.

Managing Screen Brightness:

Another factor affecting battery life is screen brightness. Excessive brightness can lead to faster battery depletion. To address this, ensure that the iPhone’s automatic screen brightness adjustment feature is activated. Users can access this setting by going to ‘Settings,’ selecting ‘Display and Brightness,’ and enabling the ‘Auto-Brightness’ option.

By allowing the phone to adjust brightness based on ambient lighting conditions, users can extend battery life considerably.

Addressing Haptic Feedback:

The haptic feedback of the keyboard, also known as the haptic keyboard, can contribute to unnecessary energy consumption. To conserve energy, users can disable this feature by accessing the iPhone settings. Navigate to ‘Settings,’ choose ‘Sounds and Vibrations,’ then proceed to ‘Keyboard Feedback.’ Here, users can disable the ‘Vibration’ option, minimizing the battery impact of haptic feedback.

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Background App Refresh:

One significant feature that can drain battery life is Background App Refresh. While this feature ensures that apps are updated in the background, it can be a resource-intensive process. Users can manage Background App Refresh by going to ‘Settings,’ selecting ‘General,’ and choosing ‘Background App Refresh.’ Here, users can either disable the feature entirely or customize it for specific apps, optimizing battery performance.

App Notifications:

Constant app notifications can contribute to battery drain. Users can conserve battery life by managing app notifications. Navigate to ‘Settings,’ select ‘Notifications,’ and review and adjust notification settings for each app. Disabling unnecessary notifications can help minimize background activities and preserve battery power.

Location Services:

Location services, while useful, can significantly impact battery life. Users can manage location services by going to ‘Settings,’ selecting ‘Privacy,’ and choosing ‘Location Services.’ Here, users can either disable location services entirely or customize settings for individual apps. Turning off location services for non-essential apps can lead to substantial energy savings.

Updates and Background Activities:

Ensuring that the iPhone is running the latest iOS version is crucial for optimal battery performance. Apple frequently releases updates that include bug fixes and optimizations. Additionally, keeping apps updated can address potential performance issues that may impact battery life. Users can check for updates in ‘Settings’ under the ‘General’ section.

Manage Widgets:

Widgets on the iPhone’s home screen can provide quick access to information but may consume unnecessary power if not managed efficiently. Users can customize and remove widgets by entering ‘Edit Home Screen’ mode. Removing widgets that are not frequently used can contribute to improved battery efficiency.

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Limit Background Processes:

iOS 17 provides users with the ability to limit the number of background processes running on the device. To manage this, go to ‘Settings,’ select ‘General,’ and choose ‘Background App Management.’ Here, users can set limitations on background processes, ensuring that only essential activities are running when the device is not in use.

Optimize Mail Settings:

Fetching emails frequently can contribute to battery drain. Users can optimize mail settings by going to ‘Settings,’ selecting ‘Mail,’ and choosing ‘Accounts.’ Here, users can adjust the frequency of mail fetching or switch to manual fetching for non-essential accounts, conserving battery power.


Improving iPhone battery life with iOS 17 involves a combination of adjusting settings, managing features, and adopting efficient practices. By following the detailed tips outlined in this guide, users can optimize their iPhone’s battery performance and enjoy extended usage between charges.

Whether it’s fine-tuning screen settings, managing app activities, or staying up-to-date with software updates, these strategies empower users to make the most out of their iPhone’s battery life. Incorporate these practices into your routine, and experience a more efficient and long-lasting iPhone battery performance with iOS 17.

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