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Ecovacs X2 Omni Review the best Robot Vacuum Cleaner



Ecovacs X2 Omni Review the best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Ecovacs X2 Omni Review

Ecovacs X2 Omni Review: The current top of the range of Ecovacs, a well-established brand in the robot vacuum cleaner market, is called X2 Omni and compared to previous models it improves all the features, without however distorting the user experience.

Ecovacs is constantly updating its product line, with new models coming in after only a few months of life. This strategy is not a problem in the field of robot vacuum cleaners, since these are products that once purchased you want to keep for a long time, until they become obsolete, and technological improvements are not as fast as they happen in other industries.

As a result, the release of new models only allows you to buy older models at better prices for Ecovacs X2 Omni Review. This is the case, for example, with the previous Ecovacs T20 Omni, which was also launched at a price of around 1400 euros, and is now available at half the price.

In fact, if you have an “old” T10 or T20, there aren’t so many reasons to buy an X2. You should want the latest if you’re buying your first robot vacuum today, or even aim for an older model that’s significantly cheaper. But if you want the best, or almost, of the technology available on the market today, let’s see Ecovacs X2 Omni Review.

Ecovacs X2 Omni at a glance

The X2 Omni is a robot vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and mop the floor. It is equipped with a base that allows you to automatically empty the dirt tank and to wet and clean the brushes for washing the floor. Compared to other models, it uses heated water for washing the brushes.

It does not have a tank on board the robot, the brushes are wet to wash the floor and the robot will return to the base to clean and prepare the brushes to continue washing. Unlike other previous models, it is squared and not round, a solution chosen to reach corners more easily.

It is equipped with Lidar and a camera to map rooms and move efficiently and intelligently through the rooms. Through the application it is possible to manage fully automatic cleaning patterns. The floor mopping pads can be removed for washing, and maintenance only requires filling the clean water tank and emptying the dirty water tank.

How Ecovacs X2 Omni made

There are two main differences that affect the operation of this robot vacuum cleaner compared to previous Ecovacs models and, in general, compared to many other models on the market: the shape that goes from being round to square, with rounded corners, and the movement of the Lidar from the top to the side. But let’s go in order.

The top surface is flat, there’s a magnetic cover that removes and hides the dirt tank (which you’ll never have to take off except for maintenance), the power button and the Wi-Fi activation button.

Up front are the cameras and sensors that activate the three-dimensional recognition technology of the environment and allow the X2 to move more accurately in the environment, recognize obstacles and carpets and behave accordingly to optimize routes and operation. The Lidar, i.e. the sort of radar that allows you to map environments and move even in total darkness, has been moved to one side.

How Ecovacs X2 Omni made

In previous models and in general in many models on the market it is positioned above, since it is the best position. It allows you to have a 360-degree view thanks to a rotation of the same, but Ecovacs has tried this new position which has the immediate beneficial effect of reducing the thickness of the robot so that it can slip under furniture. However, it is not very subtle, as I will explain later this change can only make a difference in some cases.

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Turning X2 upside down you notice another difference, that is thecentral brush in plastic and not in bristles, as is usually the case. What is the advantage of this solution? Easier maintenance. If you already have a robot vacuum cleaner, you will know that the central brush tends to twist hair and animal hair in the house, the removal of which is never total precisely because the bristles tend to retain more dirt. I’ll go into more detail later in the chapter dedicated to maintenance.

A small rotating brush is inserted in the right corner, the one that the robot will hold to move along the walls and with which it will try to collect the dirt and bring it to the underside where it will be vacuumed.

At the back there are two round brushes for washing the floor. You can easily remove them because they are fixed with Velcro and unlike in the past you will not be able to completely remove the rotating modules. X2 will lift the brushes about an inch and a half off the ground when you just want to vacuum the floor.

First time installation

Ecovacs has improved the installation phase: it is now faster thanks to increasingly advanced software. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get the X2 Omni up and running. You will have to remove the robot, the side brush, the tank and the inclined ramp that allows the robot to slip autonomously into the charging area from the packaging.

Place the tank on the ground and connect the inclined ramp by simply matching the hooks and pushing until you hear a “tac”. Connect the tank to the power supply. In the meantime, you’ll need to remove some plastics and soft safety material supports, all marked with blue stickers, so that you forget them.

Next, you will need to install the Ecovacs app on your smartphone and proceed with the registration. Activating the robot consists of selecting the mode in the application to add a new robot, removing the top panel of the robot, turning on the switch, clicking on the Wi-Fi button and following the instructions that the application will give you. The steps will be very short: the robot will be detected, it will ask you to select the home wi-fi network, entering the password, and you can then choose the language of the robot / voice assistant. You will most likely be offered a software update, you will have to do so if you want everything to work properly.

In about 15 minutes you will be able to do all the operations I have described. The next step is to proceed to create the map of the house. There is a special button in the application, and once activated the robot will “take a tour” in the house creating the map. Before you start creating the map, I recommend that you remove everything you don’t need from the floor.

For example, in my experience, I had left an air purifier in the bedroom where it was an obstacle and this prevented the robot from efficiently understanding how the bedroom is made. In short, remove all the obstacles and only then start the creation of the map, then you can put the various objects back where you want, but it is important that the house is as clear as possible in the first phase.

Suction test of Ecovacs X2 Omni

The suction test went well, but it wasn’t perfect. Not because of the suction capacity that can be adjusted to four different levels, up to a maximum of 8000 Pa, which is not a small amount at all. But because of the way the robot moves in the environment. The square shape allows you to get into corners better, but it is also more prone to colliding with the edges of furniture and other objects. Ecovacs seems to be aware of these form limitations and, I infer from the way the X2 moves in the environment, takes wider and more cautious trajectories than previous models. For example, in the bathroom, in the area of the wall-hung sanitary ware, the robot collided with the corner of the shower tray and changed its trajectory by switching about 10 cm from the shower.

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The front camera then spotted the suspended sanitary fixtures, and determined that they were too low to pass under them (properly). Where the T10 and T20 were closer to the sanitary ware, even colliding with the Lidar (without any kind of caution), the X2 avoided the area, giving up slipping into the tightest areas and changing rooms.

In short, if previous robots sacrificed caution by colliding more often with furniture, but obtaining a better suction of the room, X2 is more cautious, it will clash less protecting furniture and objects, but cleaning will be less extensive.

Which of the two behaviors is better? It depends on what’s important to you. Personally, I was still in a situation where it was necessary to wipe the house, once a week, with a classic electric broom to get where the robot could not reach, consequently I prefer the behavior of the X2 that avoids colliding for no reason against the furniture which, even if slightly, was slightly damaged by the impact.

The dirt bag, where the contents of the robot’s tank end up at the end of each vacuum, is enough for about two months of daily vacuuming. The emptying of the robot itself has been improved because now it does not take place in a single session, but the suction is activated a couple of times, so that there is a better chance of emptying in the case of a tangle of hair that is difficult to vacuum.

Washing test of Ecovacs X2 Omni

The X2’s washing system has improved compared to previous models, not in terms of effectiveness, but rather in terms of ergonomics of use. If on the previous T20 model the automatic lifting of the washing brushes had already been implemented, on the X2 the distance from the ground is higher and therefore better especially in the case of carpets with a slightly longer pile. In addition, the water is heated, which makes the cleaning force slightly higher, but does not change life.

In terms of effectiveness, the result is no different from what can be achieved with an older model. It works well on light floors, while on dark floors or e.g. parquet the result is mixed. On a dark walnut parquet, laid transversely, like the house where I tried it, the result is very bad, since it is a borderline situation where the brushing should be done following the direction of laying the slats.

Ecovacs X2 Omni

This does not mean that rotating cloths are more effective on those surfaces where halos and brush passages are less noticeable. Even on a light stoneware floor, if you look against the light, you can see the marks left by the rotating brushes. Is this Ecovacs robot a problem? No, it is a common problem for all robots currently on the market and even for electric floor scrubbers.

When X2 finds a carpet in its path, it will automatically raise the brushes and continue vacuuming only, and then return to mop the floor after getting off the carpet. This solution, already seen on the T20 although with a lower lift, is very convenient because it avoids having to physically remove the brushes if you want to carry out the suction only.

The washing efficiency, apart from the type of floors, is good on soils that are even a few days old, unless stubborn stains are now dry. If you often find yourself in this situation, for example if you have children or pets who are not careful to clean their feet well before entering the house, you may be able to achieve better effectiveness by setting the robot to double wash or increasing the amount of water.

In short, the washing works well enough, and anyway I can’t think of any other robot that can do better.

The smartphone app

The smartphone app is very well made and constantly improving. It’s simple to use, there are a lot of features, and it’s very intuitive. You will be able to set the robot’s behavior in detail and also create a custom profile. Choose whether to vacuum only, vacuum and mop the floor, or even set a vacuum cycle first and only then the wash cycle. You will be able to adjust the suction power or the amount of water to be used for washing.

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The most interesting part is the management of the house map, where you can set off-limits areas and barriers, or send the robot to wash a specific room with a simple click. However, you won’t interact much with the app: after setting a washing calendar and any limits on the map, you basically don’t need to interact with the robot anymore.


If you forget to turn on cleaning sessions after setting up your calendar, you shouldn’t forget to clean the robot, especially if you’re going to use it for washing. The vacuuming part will require you to remove any excess hair and dirt that may get tangled on the main brush, the side brush, or the wheels.

My advice is to spend a few minutes on it at least once a week. If you forget it for a month, then you will have to spend a lot of time to be able to remove all the debris and hair, and above all you will hardly be able to keep it clean and beautiful to look at. The procedures are simple and intuitive, you won’t have to disassemble any pieces, and at most you will have to clean the only filter on the robot.

Replacing the dirt bag in the main unit is no different from changing the bag in a vacuum cleaner. Remove the full one and install the new one.

If you are going to use the wash function, you will need to remove the pads and wash them from time to time, as well as clean the wash tank in the main unit. Unfortunately, the X2 also releases excess water that will not evaporate thanks to the hot air flow. Together with dust and dirt, a small puddle is created, and if you don’t intervene every now and then it will start to smell bad. This is perhaps the main flaw of the X2, the same as the previous models. Put your heart at rest, if you want to carry out a good maintenance, you will have to dry it every day. If not, be prepared to spend more time than necessary and find yourself with clothes that don’t smell like roses.

Verdict: Who Should Buy It

The Ecovacs X2 is a good robot vacuum cleaner, but you need to do some evaluations before you buy it. First of all, the square shape makes it less efficient, in some cases, than the previous round-shaped models. Effectiveness will likely improve with software updates. Nevertheless, I prefer this new version because it reaches better in the corners and edges, and is more attentive to furniture with less violent impacts. However, it will be necessary, at least once a week, to use a traditional electric broom to get to the places that are unreachable for the robot.

The suction is excellent, while the quality of the floor wash depends on your home. If you have light-colored floors made of stoneware or other hard material that is not wood, then you will be satisfied with the results. If you have dark floors or parquet, then you will notice a few too many halos. But this will happen with every robot vacuum cleaner with a mopping function, so I can’t consider it a real flaw.

Ecovacs X2 costs €1399 (without offers). It’s a hefty price tag, but it’s pretty much the best or almost the best the market offers. If you have a fairly recent older model there aren’t many reasons to replace it, and actually considering the much lower price of older models, you should perhaps consider whether it didn’t make sense to buy an older model.

If you don’t necessarily want the latest technology, then you could save up, or wait a few months, when this X2 will certainly drop in price. If, on the other hand, you want the most and spare no expense, then there’s no reason to advise against the Ecovacs X2 Omni Review.

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Share you thoughts regarding Ecovacs X2 Omni Review in our comments section.

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Best Gaming Desks under 100




Best Gaming Desks under 100

Table of Contents


Best Gaming Desks under 100

Best Gaming Desks under 100 : If you spend a lot of time using your computer, especially for gaming but also for work or studying, getting a gaming desk might be a smart choice. However, with so many options available in the market, picking the right one can be tricky. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best gaming desks as of September 2023, making it easier for you to choose.

But what makes a gaming desk different from a regular one? Well, gaming desks are specifically designed for gamers, considering their needs and comfort. These desks focus on ergonomics, ensuring comfort during long gaming sessions. They often come with adjustable heights, allowing you to set it up to suit your posture and height. Additionally, they offer features like headphone stands and cup holders to keep your desk organized and tidy. Plus, they provide ample surface area to accommodate all your gaming gear and accessories.

In this guide to gaming desks, we’ll explore various types—from classic desks suitable for office work to ones with LED lights for gamers who love a stylish design. We’ll also cover corner gaming desks, perfect for setting up a gaming space in your bedroom. And if you’re on a budget, there are options for affordable gaming desks too.

How to choose the Best Gaming Desks under 100?

If you’re unsure where to begin when selecting a gaming desk, here are some essential features to consider. These features can prevent you from ending up with a desk that might not suit your needs. While gaming desks may seem like simple pieces of furniture to place your PC and other items, they often come with surprising and useful features. Hence, choosing the right one is crucial. Let’s take a look at the key features to consider before making a purchase. If you’d like more detailed information, we suggest reading our dedicated article on how to choose a gaming desk.

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What does a gaming desk look like? | Ergonomics

Considering ergonomics is crucial, especially if you spend long hours at your PC for gaming or work purposes. Most gaming desks are designed to promote proper posture while working or gaming, especially when paired with good gaming chairs. If you experience back discomfort, it’s advisable to choose a desk with adjustable feet that allow you to set the height of the desk surface. Alternatively, desks with raised surfaces where you can place your screen at eye level can also help.

The gaming desks featured in this selection are spacious enough to accommodate two screens. However, if you have exceptionally large screens or simply prefer more space, it’s recommended to look for generously sized desks or consider corner desks. Additionally, the presence of shelves positioned above the worktop can be beneficial. These shelves provide convenient space to place devices like printers, scanners, or even the PC itself, freeing up more space on the desktop surface. This arrangement helps in keeping your workspace organized and efficient.


Gaming desks shine in their ability to provide specialized stands and features. If you’re choosing a gaming desk for these reasons, make sure the product includes features like a hook for hanging headphones, a stand for stacking controllers, a hole for a microphone stand, or clips to manage wires from your PC and screen. The gaming desks we’ve selected offer comprehensive support for gamers, but they do have some differences.

For instance, if you prefer a setup with hidden cables, the Secretlab desk is an excellent choice. It not only hides wires effectively but also incorporates magnetic clips that secure the wiring to the top of the desk, keeping them neatly organized and out of sight. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a desk that’s suitable for both work and gaming, the TribeSigns desk is a classic option. It combines the functionality of a traditional desk with the needs of modern gamers.

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In essence, before making a purchase, it’s crucial to understand your specific needs. If you’re solely creating a gaming station, focusing on features that facilitate cable management would be essential. However, if you’re looking for a workspace for both gaming and professional tasks, having the ability to easily and comfortably move devices should be a priority. Ultimately, take some time to envision how you’d use the gaming desk so that you can make the most informed decision before purchasing. This way, you’ll ensure that the desk meets your requirements and enhances your overall gaming or work experience.

What is a gaming desk made of?

If you’re an intense gamer who gets really heated up during play, opting for a carbon fiber desk over a wooden one might be a cooler choice, especially during the hot summer months. The gaming desks recommended in this guide are crafted from both wood and metal. Wooden desks offer an elegant look and can easily fit into neutral environments, such as a small study or living room, not necessarily a gamer’s bedroom. On the other hand, metal desks have a more intricate design and may not blend as seamlessly into a traditional living room setup. However, they provide better cooling properties and often feature grooves in the metal that allow for better ventilation, preventing heat buildup. Additionally, some metal desks come with a dedicated gaming mat, enhancing overall comfort during extended gaming sessions.

How big is a gaming desk?

When selecting a gaming desk, the space available in the room where you intend to place it is a crucial consideration. It might seem obvious, but it’s essential to assess not only the desk’s dimensions but also the space needed for the accompanying chair and your overall movement. It’s important to ensure that you have ample room to move around comfortably without feeling cramped. In our guide, we’ve included gaming desks suitable for various room sizes, including corner desks, to cater to different spatial constraints. Therefore, it’s vital to choose a desk that aligns well with the available space you have.

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To figure out which gaming desk suits your space best, you can experiment with your existing furniture. Try moving around an old table or desk in your room to gauge how it fits. Test different positions – place it in a corner, under a window, or even in the living room. Sometimes, the most suitable solution is one you might not have initially considered. By experimenting and trying out various arrangements, you can discover the most optimal setup that fits well within your available space and enhances your gaming experience.

How much does a gaming desk cost?

Price is a critical factor in any purchase decision, including when buying a gaming desk. If you’re aiming for a new gaming desk but want to stick to a budget, around 120-130 euros can get you excellent products, like the ones recommended in this guide. These desks are crafted with durable materials that offer comfort and functionality. As you move up in price, around 150 euros or more, you’ll find professional-grade desks suitable for both gaming and work. These desks are designed for gamers, comparable to those used by eSports professionals, and are built to last for many years.

However, desks priced around 100 euros might save you money initially, but they may compromise on comfort and durability. They might not provide the same level of long-term satisfaction as higher-priced options.

Our recommendation, considering the relatively small price difference among various gaming desks, is to consider investing a little more. Opting for a slightly higher-priced desk can often be worthwhile in the long run. Since these desks are long-lasting products meant to serve you for several years, it’s better to spend a bit more upfront to avoid regretting your decision later. Ultimately, choosing a quality gaming desk that suits your needs and offers lasting comfort and durability is a more prudent investment for your gaming setup.

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Best PS4 Controllers 2023




Best PC Controllers 2023

Table of Contents


Best PS4 Controllers 2023

Best PS4 Controllers 2023: What could be a better companion for a gamer than a good controller? It’s true, engaging stories and stunning graphics in games are great, but without a reliable controller, the gaming experience might not be as enjoyable. That’s why it’s crucial to choose your gamepad carefully, ensuring it suits your gaming needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking the latest tech advancements or simply looking for an affordable option, you’ll find the best PS4 controllers listed here that cater to various needs.

Picking the right controller isn’t easy because there are different types available in the market. Some controllers have symmetrical or asymmetrical analog stick arrangements, while others are designed for competitive gaming or customized DualShocks aimed at fans of specific brands.

If you’re more interested in gaming on other platforms, no worries! We’ve also got you covered with articles dedicated to the best controllers for Xbox One and those suitable for mobile gaming. But without further ado, let’s delve into the details of the best PS4 controllers currently available in the market, covering various needs and preferences of gamers.

How to choose the best PS4 controller?

As we mentioned earlier, a controller is one of the most crucial peripherals for a gamer. Having a good controller is vital for fully enjoying video games. Throughout this article and in the upcoming paragraphs, you’ll discover various types of controllers available in the market. These controllers differ in their design, offering features like symmetrical or asymmetrical analog stick arrangements. There are also traditional and premium controllers that cater to the needs of demanding and competitive gamers. Stick with us as we explain all the details!

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If you’re looking for more comprehensive information on how to select the perfect controller that suits your preferences, we encourage you to check out our dedicated article. It covers a broader range of factors to consider when choosing a controller that best fits your gaming style and preferences.

Analog Layout

A longstanding debate revolves around whether a symmetrical or asymmetrical stick arrangement on a controller is better. However, it’s challenging, and perhaps not entirely accurate, to declare one layout as definitively superior. The truth is, the preference between symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements largely depends on individual habits and comfort levels. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, as what works best varies from person to person.

For instance, if you’re accustomed to playing on PlayStation, you’re likely familiar and comfortable with the symmetrical stick arrangement found in their controllers. Conversely, Xbox gamers might prefer the asymmetrical layout of their controllers. However, it’s also entirely possible to find a PlayStation player who dislikes the symmetrical stick layout or an Xbox player who prefers symmetrical arrangements, hence our recommendation of models with both layouts to cater to different preferences. Ultimately, the “better” arrangement is subjective and based on personal preference and familiarity.


Spending hours immersed in your favorite game, especially in competitive sessions, is quite normal. However, it’s common to feel tired after extended gaming sessions. Eventually, your hands may become fatigued, and the controller might start feeling slippery to hold. When facing lengthy gaming sessions, ensuring complete comfort with the controller becomes essential.

To achieve comfort, it’s crucial to choose a controller that offers the most comfortable thumbstick arrangement for you. Additionally, it should be suitable for your hand size, whether you have smaller or larger hands. It’s also beneficial to consider controllers with non-slip textures, particularly if you tend to have sweaty hands. Moreover, the weight and shape of the controller play a significant role in comfort.

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For smaller hands, controllers like the classic DualShock 4 are often recommended for being practically perfect and very lightweight. On the other hand, longer or larger hands might find comfort in controllers with asymmetrical thumbsticks and a heavier weight. Ultimately, selecting a controller that best fits your hand size, grip preferences, and comfort level is crucial for enjoyable and extended gaming sessions.

Additional Features

Controllers exclusively designed for Sony consoles might not necessarily include all the features required by the most demanding gamers. For those who frequently engage in competitive gaming or aspire to become expert players, there are two solutions: transitioning to the PC with a mouse and keyboard or, if you prefer using a controller, opting for one with numerous additional functions.

Controllers with extra features such as fully mappable buttons and backside levers cater to the needs of competitive players. These controllers offer advantages like non-slip textures for better grip, customizable weight distribution, adjustable thumbsticks height, and additional buttons or levers on the back. Moreover, these advanced controllers allow complete button remapping, enabling players to customize button layouts according to specific games. These features enhance gameplay and provide a significant advantage, especially in competitive matches, as they offer more versatility and adaptability for different gaming scenarios.

How much does a PS4 controller cost?

The price plays a crucial role when selecting a controller, and it varies significantly based on the chosen product and its features. For those solely interested in playing video games without specific demands for competitive gaming or advanced comforts, the classic investment of around 60 to 70 euros is more than adequate. This budget will typically get you the traditional yet excellent DualShock 4 controller, the same model that comes bundled with the console.

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However, there might be more demanding users among you who prioritize comfort, additional features, and competitive gaming. In these cases, the cost of the controller can easily exceed 130 euros or more. It’s essential to identify your target audience and the features that matter most to you. Determine whether you’re content with the basic functionalities provided by standard controllers or if you’re willing to invest more for added comfort, advanced features, or a competitive edge in gaming. Understanding your preferences and priorities will help you choose the controller that best fits your needs within your budget.

Share your thoughts regarding Best PS4 Controllers 2023 in our comments section.

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Best Budget Gaming TV for PS5




Best 55 Inch Gaming TV Under 1000

Table of Contents


Best Budget Gaming TV for PS5

Best Budget Gaming TV for PS5 : It’s a great time for big TV stores and TV manufacturers right now. With the release of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and powerful new video cards, many people are either already upgrading their TVs or planning to do so soon.

In this article, we’ll not only give you a general idea of the important features to consider when buying a new TV but also talk about the best types of screens that can make your new gaming hardware perform at its best.

We’ve intentionally left out the 8K TV models in this article, but we’ll be working on a special guide for those who are interested in getting this type of TV in the future.

What is the difference between OLED and LCD? (OLED VS LCD)

OLED TVs are known for providing better picture quality than LCD TVs, especially with noticeably deeper black levels. While OLEDs used to have lower overall brightness, newer models have improved in this aspect as well. LCDs, on the other hand, are not as competitive for gaming anymore, although some still offer good image quality. If you’re looking for a TV specifically for your PS5, it’s recommended to choose an OLED or QLED TV for the best gaming experience.

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HDMI 2.0 or 2.1?

Given that the consoles fully support the new HDMI 2.1 formats, our suggestion is to prioritize TVs with this feature, unless budget constraints require compromise. HDMI 2.1 enables you to experience 4K visuals at 120Hz with chroma 444, providing top-notch color quality. Additionally, other features like ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) significantly reduce input lag and on-screen tearing, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode)

Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) is a feature that enables your TV to detect when you’re playing video games and then automatically switches to a specialized gaming mode. This mode is optimized for gaming, reducing the delay (known as latency) between when you input a command and when it appears on the screen. Essentially, ALLM helps minimize the delay in displaying your actions during gaming, providing a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is a technology that dynamically adjusts the refresh rate of your TV to match the frame rate outputted by the video source in real-time. This is particularly important because the frame rates of games on consoles and PCs can vary frequently. If your TV has a fixed refresh rate, like 60 Hz, it might cause a visual issue called tearing when the frame rates fluctuate.

VRR helps prevent this problem by ensuring a smooth and consistent image without any visual disruptions or tearing, which is especially crucial for a seamless gaming experience, especially when using a PS5 or playing games with variable frame rates.

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Input lag and HDR

Once you’ve settled on the HDMI format, it’s important to choose a panel with low input lag, which fortunately is quite low on most TVs nowadays, and supports the most common HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats. The most widely used HDR format in gaming is HDR10. In addition, there’s Dolby Vision, which is still in the experimental phase and is exclusively related to Xbox.

However, it’s essential to note that the HDR experience in gaming currently faces some challenges. There isn’t seamless collaboration between screens, consoles, and software, which can lead to inconsistencies. To address these issues, HGIG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) was established a few years ago. It’s a collaboration between major TV manufacturers aimed at solving these problems. With HGIG, devices can communicate effectively, reducing the need for manual HDR calibration for each individual video game, thus ensuring a better HDR gaming experience.

HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group)

In addition to HDR, considering support for HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group) is crucial. HGiG is an association comprising console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft, along with TV manufacturers and game developers. Their goal is to ensure that PC and console games can automatically identify the display and optimize its settings for delivering the highest image quality possible.

However, it’s important to note that not all games support HGiG. Therefore, users might need to manually adjust settings according to their preferences if their chosen game doesn’t automatically optimize for HGiG-supported displays.

Minimal audio and design

We understand that paying attention to audio might seem less important, especially with the trend of pairing TVs with dedicated audio systems like soundbars. However, if you’re not planning to invest in a separate soundbar, Sony TVs might be a good choice. Sony TVs have a reputation for delivering decent sound quality, supporting various formats including DD (Dolby Digital) and Dolby Atmos.

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Regarding design, opting for a super minimalistic design is ideal. This approach allows the TV to blend in seamlessly and keeps the focus on showcasing your PlayStation 5 without any distractions.

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