How much does a yacht cost – Where it is better to Buy

How much does a yacht cost: Before making a yacht purchase, there are several essential decisions to be made. First, one must determine the type of yacht, its size, and specific features that suit their preferences. Secondly, the buyer needs to decide whether they want a new or used yacht.


Thirdly, the geographical location of the transaction must be considered, as yachts can be bought internationally. Additionally, various other factors come into play when selecting a seller and navigating the buying process. This article will delve into these crucial aspects in detail.

What you need to know before buying a yacht

Once the decision to purchase a yacht has been made, and the buyer has a clear idea of the desired vessel’s specifications, the next step is to determine the best buying method. There are three main avenues for buying a yacht: purchasing a used yacht from an official distributor, buying directly from a private seller, or obtaining a new yacht exclusively from a distributor. Each option has distinct features and considerations that should be taken into account during the decision-making process.


From the official distributors

Yachts are typically manufactured in shipyards, with European productions being highly regarded for their quality. Some renowned shipyards include Fairline (England), Sunseeker (England), Sanlorenzo (Italy), Benetti (Italy), Bavaria (Germany), Galeon (Poland), Beneteau (France), and others. However, shipyards usually do not directly serve private clients. Instead, the sale of their products, whether ready-made or custom-made yachts, is carried out through official representatives known as distributors. These distributors have a direct relationship with the manufacturer, overseeing the yacht’s manufacturing process, design, customization, transportation logistics, and customs clearance.

The distributor plays a pivotal role in the entire ownership process, maintaining a close connection with the client throughout. They can also facilitate a trade-in service where the yacht owner rents the vessel to the shipyard’s official representative, and its value is taken into account when purchasing a new yacht. This arrangement relieves the owner of any concerns related to selling the yacht separately.

Purchasing a yacht through an official distributor is generally considered the most reliable method to acquire a new, high-quality yacht without encountering unpleasant surprises or unnecessary complications. While official shipyard representatives mainly sell new yachts, some distributors also offer the option to buy used yachts with a history.


From hands

In Russia and other countries, there is an option to purchase a relatively affordable yacht directly from a private seller, which offers certain advantages. This method may be suitable for individuals who wish to try yachting before investing in an exclusive custom-made yacht. However, one should be cautious, as the reasons for the previous owner’s decision to sell the yacht are not always apparent. There is a possibility that the yacht may have issues, such as poor build quality and frequent breakdowns.

If the decision is made to buy a used yacht directly from a private seller, it is advisable to focus on vessels located in Russia or ideally within the region where the yacht will be operated. This approach helps to minimize the risks and costs associated with delivery. Moreover, a used yacht from the same region is likely to be better prepared for the specific climatic conditions of the area.


From private brokers

An alternative option for purchasing a motor yacht or any other type of vessel is through a private broker. However, it’s important to note that the private broker is typically an intermediary in the deal with the distributor. Instead, buyers may find it more straightforward to directly contact the official representative of the shipyard for a smoother transaction.


Buying a yacht in Europe or in Russia

As mentioned earlier, yachts can be purchased in both Europe and Russia. Let’s delve into the specifics of the buying process, considering the geographical aspects of the transaction.

Customer service

While a citizen of the Russian Federation can approach a European distributor for purchasing a yacht, it is not mandatory. Russian distributors tend to prioritize attracting, retaining, and satisfying potential buyers to a greater extent compared to foreign distributors. This emphasis on customer satisfaction is partly influenced by the difference in customer bases between European and domestic distributors.



The language and cultural differences between the buyer and the seller can pose significant challenges to effective communication and mutual understanding. Since the distributor plays a central role in addressing various matters like manufacturing, the purchase process, transportation, and warranty and post-warranty service, extensive communication with them is necessary. Ensuring that the seller comprehends the buyer’s requirements accurately is crucial to facilitate a smooth and satisfactory yacht purchase process.


How much does a yacht cost / Price

The retail price of a new yacht is standardized by the manufacturer and remains consistent worldwide. However, when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned yacht, the cost is determined on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as technical specifications, equipment wear, hull condition, vessel registration location, and brand. In many cases, buying used yachts through Russian representatives of the manufacturer proves to be more cost-effective.

Terms of registration

In many European countries, there are standardized conditions for processing yacht transactions. Buying a yacht in Europe typically involves a mandatory inspection, necessitating the involvement of a surveyor and payment for their services. Additionally, each country may have its own legislative nuances that buyers need to be aware of. As a result, seeking the assistance of consultants is often necessary to navigate the process smoothly.

Regardless of whether the yacht purchase is planned in Russia or Europe, it is crucial to have thorough discussions with the distributor in advance. Important details such as delivery, budget, payment procedures, transfer of ownership rights, and any additional work should be clarified. Additionally, ensuring that all necessary documents for the boat, operating instructions, and manufacturer’s warranties are obtained is vital upon completing the transaction.

Russian yachtsmen’s experiences have shown that high-quality yachts manufactured by the best European shipyards can be obtained from official distributors in Russia at prices that are either on par or even lower than abroad.

Purchasing a yacht for leisure, sports, or tourism is a significant undertaking. While some individuals may consider buying a yacht abroad, assuming the market is more developed in Europe. Opting for a reputable domestic seller with experience and a good reputation ensures a successful transaction, satisfying both the buyer and the distributor, creating another contented client. We have tried to highlight all the aspects regarding How much does a yacht cost.

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