Pros and cons of traveling by car

My personal views on the Pros and cons of traveling by car as i am also a big fond of travling. And of course, I’m not the most ardent fan of rolling kilometers on my favorite car. For 3 weeks of the July road trip to Altai, we drove more than 11 thousand km. And if you count all our trips for the first half of 2022… I can say with confidence that I have sufficient experience of trips, both long and short. So I decided to make my personal list of the pros and cons of traveling by car, based on past experience.


Pros of traveling by car

Impressions of the trip

When you go on a trip by car, especially several thousand kilometers from home, you observe a constant change of scenery outside the window. That slender rows of birches, then picturesque meadows, then forests, then mountains and a road winding among the peaks and stretching into the distance. Also, the climate changes imperceptibly, you wake up one day and realize that it has somehow become warmer, or vice versa colder, depending on where to go.

And to be aware of the long way that you have come is very cool. The amount of experience from a road trip is much higher than if you fly by plane. On a flight, you once arrived, and you do not see anything except the airports of departure and arrival. By car, you observe the whole, sometimes difficult and long, path from one city to another. You gain invaluable experience.

You look at how people live in the outback or in large cities. After 11,<> km, I came home a different person, my opinion about our country changed. Previously, I did not understand how huge it really is and how many interesting things you can see along the way.

Freedom of movement

A huge plus is that there is always the opportunity to change your plans. You are the master of your journey. You can safely delete some points from the route or stay in the place you like longer. Did you notice something interesting along the way? You have the right to stop and spend as much time studying as you want. No limits, only absolute freedom of action.

Cheaper than by plane

I will say again about my autotrip. We spent almost 1100 usd on 11.5 thousand km. Dividing this amount into four passengers, you understand that it is very cheap! And the car was heavily loaded: the trunk was half full of canned food, half with things. There is also a jam-packed box on the roof.

If we got to Altai by plane, we would spend 2 times more, at least. The trip by car turned out to be very economical. Traveling by car is very profitable if you share the cost of gasoline and consumables with fellow travelers.

All things are always at hand

Since the car is always nearby, and all things are in it, the process of finding the right things is simplified. There is no need to use a suitcase. In the car, it is easier to lay out everything wisely, so that you can, if necessary, quickly find a thing.

We usually put everything in bags, backpacks and a large bag. All the clothes are in the bag. In backpacks – things for hiking, camping, etc., depending on what kind of trip. The rest of the things are in packages. A separate “kitchen” package is required: dishes, all sorts of seasonings and the like. It is very convenient: you get up for a halt, get the necessary food and a bag with kitchen utensils, and you do not waste time searching.

In the roof rack on the last trip, we had tents, sleeping bags, awnings and other necessary things for spending the night in nature.

Cons of traveling by car

The Long Road

On the expedition to Altai, we had long daily hauls, 700-900 km per day. We often stopped and changed places, but still by the end of the day you feel tired and irritated.

Everyone tolerates such distances in different ways. To my surprise, 800-900 km a day was easier for me than I imagined. Until you try, you won’t know. Try not to be guided by other people’s opinions, try it yourself.

The travel time by car is strikingly different from the flight. 4 thousand km is at least 4 days on the road, and then if you drive all day. Plan your time and be sure to leave a couple of days of vacation in reserve just in case.

Force majeure and unforeseen expenses

You need to be prepared for all sorts of surprises, which include:

Car breakdown. From a punctured wheel to something more serious;

Fines for traffic violations, fines from cameras for speed;


Car theft;

Serious traffic jams on the road, which can significantly prevent you from getting to the place of spending the night on time.
If you have properly prepared the car for a long journey, then the risk of breakage is minimized.
Fines depend on compliance with traffic rules and the presence of a radar detector.
The risk of getting into an accident is no higher than on your home roads near the house.
Theft is more difficult – try to leave the car overnight in a guarded parking lot or at least under the windows, so that the car is always in sight.

Stresses and conflict situations

When traveling with a company, in any case, it is necessary to reckon with other people’s interests and desires. If the road is long, then conflicts and irritation can easily spoil your relationship with fellow travelers. All this is somewhat exhausting, there is less strength and the journey itself is no longer so pleasing.
It is necessary to take into account possible conflicts with comrades, and prevent them in order to protect excellent impressions of the trip.

In any case, for me personally, the pros of traveling by car outweigh all the cons. It is very convenient. You can save a lot of money by spending the night right in the car, unfolding the rear seats. This is mobility. This is freedom.

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